Work Hard. play hard.

Working in a fast paced, ever changing world takes a lot of imagination and creativity.  When Lavoro first started, we worked to provide as many solutions as possible. Then it came clear that in any industry, to be a thought leader, one takes risks and is willing to share in the community. This meant focusing on the important things, to Lavoro and to their customers.  So adjusting in a struggling economy and changing needs, Lavoro turned to focus on ways to help clients become the best in their industry, and find solutions to help their business grow.

Lavoro Corp

Jeremy started Lavoro Corp in December of 2012.  He has found it very fulfilling to help companies with their internal marketing efforts.  Especially as we trent into the 21st century and online marketing is becoming a vital part of the marketing and communication platform.  Jeremy has worked hard to become an expert in the areas of Business Development, Marketing and Social Media, Public Relations and a strong resource in the Reverse Logistics Industry.