March 2015

Why Outsource if You Think You can do Better?

I like to research, look for good articles that help me keep in touch with the Reverse Logistics Industry. I find that there are a lot of opinions out there on the best processes, in-house or outsourc.... read more

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Social Media Marketing - How Much Do You Understand?

This is a great article on 10 Laws of Social Media Marketing from Entrepreneur Magazine.  I like the ten because they are so often ignored. Spending time working on social media campaigns fo.... read more

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Event Marketing - The New Way

event marketing.jpg
I stumbled across this article yesterday and thought it had some merit to share. It talks about marketing and events. The one thing I stumble across is the lack of companies understanding of marketing.... read more

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What does fall under the definition of Reverse Logistics?

As I visit facilities around the world and look at companies websites, even after the word Reverse Logistics has been defined, I still see some confusion as to what the word means. It is a general ter.... read more

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