Advantages of Choosing Social in Social Media versus Traditional Marketing

Lavoro Twitter Post.jpgYou may feel like sulking about the fact of how you do not have enough budgets to afford a wide scale, Traditional Marketing campaign. Then again, you may see this as a blessing in disguise. When comparing Social Media versus Traditional Marketing, you may discover how the previous channel will be more advantageous for your business.

Here are some ways of why Facebook or Pinterest may win when you consider a comparison between Social Media versus Traditional Marketing:

Going Targeted in Social Media versus Traditional Marketing

When you use Traditional Marketing, you will also tend to reach a mass market. This can be beneficial if you are introducing your product on a nationwide basis. However if you are simply selling your items or services within a community, you’ll get more of your budget’s worth when you invest your budgets in Social Media. This is how going social can win more when you’re considering Social Media versus Traditional Marketing.

For instance, there is simply no need to buy a really expensive, yet tiny media spot during the Super Bowl, when you’re only talking about a store in Philadelphia and nowhere else.

Social Media is Less Expensive than Traditional Marketing

If you buy a pot in Facebook Ads, the extent of your payments will depend on how much budget you can only afford.

This means if you can happen to allow more dollars to spend for additional Likes and impressions, then you can still get featured for as long as you wish. This is how Facebook wins when you’re considering Social Media versus Traditional Marketing. Unfortunately, Traditional Marketing will require for you to have a minimum set of the budget before allowing for your material to get seen by various viewers.

Increase of Customer Feedback

Upon considering Social Media versus Traditional Marketing, going social also provides you the opportunity to check on the progress of your campaign in real time. You will no longer need to wait for weeks or a few months, to see how your material is doing within the past few days. All you’ll have to do is log in your account, and you may already see the reach, impressions and click-through which went down in your social efforts.

Going Social Lets You Build More Communities

After following through your social audiences’ feedback and level of response during the campaign, social media gives you the chance to share more varied values to your followers. Traditional Marketers only allow for materials to be shaped in one way. These include 30-seconders of television commercials or 10-seconders of radio ads. 

When you have a Social Media campaign, you’ll find how it can win more as you think of Social Media versus Traditional Marketing. This is because at a minimum cost and with just a single page, your followers can already follow through every phase of your messages depending on what you will be posting. 

Upon considering Social Media versus Traditional Marketing, you will find how Social Media Marketing can have more impact on your business. This is especially true when you own a start-up. See how the benefits of going social for your business can apply to you and consider your options today.


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