Building a Strategic Aftermarket Service

In today’s day and age, companies know that simply selling a product to a customer is not good enough to be successful. It is what happens after the sell, the aftermarket, that makes a costumer satisfied or not. It is in this key stage that the customer decides whether or not the sale was worth it or not. If so, the company has made a loyal customer. If not, future business is lost. The aftermarket of your product, as described in this article, titled, Using Aftermarket Service as a Strategic Weapon, will “effectively…ensure customer satisfaction.” Robert Malone, author of the above article, spells out the formula in creating a specific and effective aftermarket strategy. “In today’s market,” he says, “it’s much less expensive to keep…existing customers happy than it is to find new customers.” Read the article here to create a successful aftermarket strategy for your product.  


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