Creating an Aftermarket Service

It may come as a surprise to many companies that Reverse Logistics and Aftermarket services can help a company increase revenue up to 5% of total sales. In addition, the average company spends 9% to 15% of total revenue on returns, and the majority of costumers will not buy from a company again if they have to return their first product. If these problems are solves, total revenue will increase, costumers will be happier, and they will buy more products from you in the future. Failure to create effective Reverse Logistics and Aftermarket Services is usually the result of bad planning. The article found here discusses that companies must understand things such as Market opportunity and dynamics, customer requirements, competitive approaches, and service delivery more precisely. It also constructs a great outline so any company can create an effective plan today. Some of the steps include a properly integrated system, making a strategic commitment, increased recognition and more. Read here to know what it takes to create an effective system here


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