Cyber Attaches and our Clients

In our day and age, when we hear about cyber attacks in the RL world, we probably do not think that there is much we can do about it.  In fact, we probably put that on the shoulders of an IT guru and hope that they get things right.  But, we need to consider that the information we are gathering on the back end, repairs, diagnostics, yield rates, asset management  customer return rates, these things are all very important to our customers, as are they confidential.  So when we think of Reverse Logistics, I find it just as valuable to keep track of and protect our customer information as it is to keep track of and protect our customer product.  As we read lately about the cyber attacks from China, if they are actually real, we see a real need to provide the upmost security to our customers with strong firewalls, fences you will that protect the information, like the fences that protect the product.  Any part of our service is an important part to the customer.


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