Does the Bad Outweigh the Good?

It seems that outsourcing is becoming the only way to do business anymore. Rarely, if ever, do companies leave their customer service lines within the walls of their own companies. While it is understood that there are many advantages to outsourcing, and particularly outsourcing offshore, I can’t help but wonder whether or not it truly is worth it. As a customer, some things are very important to me. At the top of that list is the quality of service provided from the company. If the company handles my questions and solves the problems promptly and professionally, they will have my business in the future. If the company is slow to respond, I am quickly unimpressed and feel disinclined to buy from them in the future. This past week, I had a personal experience with dealing with outsourcing. I sat on the phone for nearly an hour without talking to any real human. Finally, when someone did talk to me, it was hard to understand and communicate with the young man, who I understand was trying his hardest. Frustrated and appalled, I finally hung up, and it is very unlikely that this particular company will ever have my business again. So do the disadvantages outweigh the advantages? Are the costs really worth losing customers? James Bucki talks about the Top 6 Outsourcing Disadvantages in a recent article.  His list is made up of 1) loss of managerial control, 2) hidden costs, 3) threat to security and confidentiality, 4) quality problems, 5) the ties to the financial well-being of another company and 6) bad publicity. I liked this article because it gives it to us straight. It’s simple to understand and relate to. Read the article here and decide for yourself whether the disadvantages of outsourcing outweigh the advantages or not.  


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