Event Marketing - The New Way

event marketing.jpgI stumbled across this article yesterday and thought it had some merit to share. It talks about marketing and events. The one thing I stumble across is the lack of companies understanding of marketing and how it works. In fact, I work with companies from time to time who ask me to help with marketing and they tend to want to direct me on how to do things and how things should look. I chuckle at this because, if you were doing so good at it, why do you need me? The reason for this is the tendency to control and to keep from spending money.  I see company websites that look archaic, logos that match that as well.  I see the methods of marketing as old school as the company itself.  And it hurts to try to fix the look, feel and marketing efforts when the desire to truly change is not really there. It takes time to market, it takes time to deliver a message and it takes a bit of money and effort to all of this.  But even more than these things, you need to see the world as they see you.  And if you cannot, the you will be stuck in the dinosaur age for a long time.


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