Health Care Law and You

As we approach 2014, and it is coming very soon, there is a lot of change on the horizon for companies and insurance benefits.  For small companies with less than 30 employees, it will effect you a lot differently than medium or large companies.  How you plan to manage those benefits will directly relate to how you will hire in the future, what level of people you will hire and how you may or may not choose to cut hours or layoff team members.

With that, if I was an employee, I would be very unsure of what the future may bring.  A position kept may directly relate to a reduction of hours and no benefits paid for and the ultimate same requirements of the position.  Companies cannot hire more people to do the same job in less hours.  There will be a large amount of burden kept on the positions that stay but have cut hours.  And image the demands of the person who has kept the position, kept the hours and has the benefits.  The slack they will have to make up for due to others cut hours will be astronomical.

To understand this beter, there is an article I read today that talks about this in more detail.  I recommend everyone reading this.  The day and age of outsourcing will being to grow more, for even individual positions.  This is a great time to prepare oneself and ones company.  Take a look at Talent Management Magazine for this article.  Saty close to Lavoro corp if you are looking for talent, looking to have a company work with your talent when trying to outsource, repurpose or layoff.  There are many benefits to working with ah company that understand the future.


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