How to be Successful in Your Business Development

unnamed.jpgEverybody understands that having multiple marketing and advertising strategies can make your business known, both by other business owners and your potential customers. But only a few successful businesses understand the importance of a well-organized and well-planned business development.

Business development is a way of improving relationships with your current clients as well as getting more potential clients for your business. Whether you have your own business, working in a small firm or a big firm, it’s important that you understand that this is crucial for your business.

Steps on How to Become Successful in Business Development

Step 1: Understand the ins and outs of your company. If you’re the owner of your business, then list down all the important details about your business. But if you’re new to the industry, then review all the products and services that the business has to offer. Do a research on the background of the company, who contributes and what competitive advantage it has among other competitors 

Step 2: Make a short pitch. Create a 60-second summary about your company and what it offers. This should be short, concise and would need to have all the important details. Practice your script in front of a mirror, your family members or even friends. Make it sound natural and interesting for your business development.

Step 3: If you need promotional materials that would be relevant to your pitch, make sure you design and print it yourself. Business cards are vital because you’d need to leave something behind after talking to your potential clients. Don’t forget to create a brochure and website that would reflect your company’s personality.

Step 4: Join sites that’s relevant for your business networking. Create friendly but professional profiles in LinkedIn, Entrepreneur Connect, Ryze, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

Step 5: List down all your primary contacts. This includes your family, friends, schoolmates, associates, the people you’ve dated, old friends or anybody you know. Use your profile accounts to search for them and know what they do.

Step 6: Send letters and emails to your primary contacts. Do not make it look like mass mailing, but include a short personal message so that they would feel it’s personal. Don’t forget to include a short summary of the company you’re working with and what you do as a business development.

Step 7: Attend meetings that would be relevant to your company such as professional organizations, your local chamber of commerce and many more. Meet with your peers and find new people that are outside your profession. It’s important that you expand your contacts.

Step 8: Introduce yourself in all the meetings you’ve attended and always give business cards to the people you meet. Get their business cards and make a note on the back describing the person. When you get home, message them via email and continue your conversation.

Step 9: Always follow up your contacts via snail mail or email. Don’t forget to be personal so that they won’t feel it’s just for business purposes.


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