How to Satisfy and Retain Customers

A satisfied customer can save your business. The other day, I had an experience that changed the way I felt about Best Buy. In the past, I had a rather unsatisfying experience with Best Buy. I left the store frustrated and unwilling to return. This past week, however, my brother asked me to run to my local Best Buy to help him pick up an order he had already placed on a T.V. I was, of course, willing to help. When I arrived and told the manager who I was, he was as helpful as can be. Even though there were problems and complications with the order, requiring me to stick around for about ten minutes longer than I expected to, I was treated in a way that really made me feel valuable as a customer. I left the store that day with a new sense of devotion towards Best Buy.

The point is, customer satisfaction either kills or pushes your business to success. With satisfied customers, your business cannot win. The following article, titled How to Satisfy and Retain Customers, provides steps to help your customers feel satisfied and worthwhile, like I did at Best Buy. Doing so will impress your customers, 
give your company a better name, and create a relationship with the customer that will last for a long time. Some of the steps this article sites includes thinking like a customer, knowing what’s in it for them, or what benefits they have from doing business with you, keeping the customers engaged, sharing the vision, and keeping data about the customer. All these things lead to a satisfactory business transaction that will lead to a lasting business relationship between you and your customers. 



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