Machines Affecting Employment Rate

Over the last couple of months, even years, many people have lost their jobs and struggle to find anything new. There are many reasons as to why more people are losing their jobs, but one article, titled How Technology Is Eliminating Higher-Skill Jobs suggests that the falling employment rate may be because robots are taking over and doing what humans used to do, only better.


The Process was slow. First, machines were built to give men a break from the mundane and lifeless jobs that we are sometimes asked to do. We were pretty
 happy about that. But as technology got better, reality started setting in, and suddenly a single father trying to raise his children on their own and provide just enough to survive is fired from doing what he’s done all his life, the only thing he’s truly good at, and a machine takes his place.


Now, this is obviously a dramatic scenario, but it is a reality. This article discusses the background of machinery and how it is eliminating common jobs throughout America. It also predicts future possibilities. Could your job be at stake?


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