Outsourcing to China

In today’s day and age, it has become popular to outsource your manufacturing to China. But there is so much negative publicity, it seems impossible that people continue to go there. This article, titled Outsourcing In China Today, discusses just that: Why people continue to outsource to China, despite it’s increasingly large and negative reputation. The author uses dialogue from a man named Peter Zapf, a Hong-Kong based consultant, who states that the majority of people must look at China for two reasons. First, because of their low labor costs, and second, the increasing number of new and innovative products coming out of the lower-cost labor market. At first glance, this seems reasonable. However, Zapf continues to say that while China is cheaper with labor costs, it requires a higher logistics cost. He goes onto to discuss such topics as quality control, inspections, and more. This is a great article for any who may be considering China as their company’s manufacturer.


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