Obama Care and Your Company

A recent article shared that the recent book called 'ObamaCare Survival Guide' has reached number two on the on the New York Times' best seller list.  This guide will be helpful as we move into 2014 when ObamaCare is to actually kick in.  With the many changes, it is definitely important to get a head start on what a company will see and how to react.  Smaller companies may not feel the  sting as bad, but mid-size and definitely large companies are going to need to strategize for this.  The potential loss of employees or employee hours will definitely effect the bottom line, but even more importantly how customer service will be perceived.  Recently, I took a survey of 25 companies of the small to medium size.  Each of these had major concerns on how they will maintain their current business level as well as if they woud even be in business in two years.  All in all, it is a time for planning and strategy to overcome the potential fall outs.  This is a time to evaluate hiring and layoff strategies  plans need to be put in place.  This is also a time to really consider partnerships, or even M&A to overcome the potential fall out.

Here is a link to this article for your read: http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/ObamaCare-Survival-Guide-Hits-No2-New-York-Times-Bestseller/2013/02/09/id/489640


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