Social Media and Customer Service

IMAGE5.pngSocial media sites such as Twitter and Facebook has become more than a tool to create an online marketing campaign and advertisement.  Nowadays, customers are also using this to reach and solicit advice and get customer support.  Based on the study conducted by Nielsen, more than half of the consumers are directing to the social media account of the company to complain, report satisfaction or ask anything associated with the product.  This study shows that Social media and customer service correlate with each other.

Social Customer Care

The Social Customer Care which is a term used for Social media and customer service is not a whole new term and concept; it has been a major factor that is providing a multi-channel service that provides a whole lot of opportunity for the B2B companies to affect the loyalty of the customer as well as increase their sales.  The consumers are looking for ways on how to easily and seamlessly connect to the company, and social media is one of them.  Nowadays, having a social media account will no longer cut the deal, you need to have a strong online presence and authority to attract the consumers.  Here are some tips on how you can raise your social media authority and provide a great customer support experience to your consumers.

Tips for Social media and Customer Service

Where are your customers?

The first thing you have to consider is what type of social media platforms do your customers generally use?  This will help you in determining where to allocate your efforts and resources and what social media account you should maintain.  Most companies tend to utilize Social media and customer service on Facebook and twitter since there is a higher concentration of their customers on those platforms.  There are also other companies that use Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and others.  In order to find out which platform to use, find out whether people are talking about you online.  If there are no people discussing your product and services, then forcibly include your brand on their conversation.  Put something on value with your product and people will start talking about it.


Listening is one of the most crucial factors in Social media and customer service.  You have to listen to the complaints, input and praises of the consumers.  According to the latest survey of Oracle, around 43% of the respondents wanted to receive a direct answer to their queries.  More than 88% of them vows to never purchase on a company that leaves unanswered complaints and questions 

Keep Track

When you are managing a social media account, it is important to note that it is not just a ticket system for your Social media and customer service.  If there is a large traffic on your site, most often than not, lots of question will be posted.  Not every question needs an answer; there will always be another consumer willing to reply to a certain question.  Questions that need immediate answers are technical-related issues, complaints, urgent services and issues.

Every time you receive a question make sure you are well aware bout the past of the customer, whether you have interacted with that person in the past or they have similar issues before.  This will be an effective part of Social media and customer service.


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