OfficeMax and Office Depot in Merger Talks

With the consolidation of many companies, and other falling to the way side, it is nice to hear about an M&A opportunity that actually will make life easier, keep employees employed and keep the doors open.  Something that Blockbuster and Hollywood Video could not see eye to eye on.  Letting competition get the best of them, even during a hostile take over by Blockbuster.  Regardless, the pathway to survival in our, want it now, watch it now world does not work well.  And with the impending loss of brick and mortar stores for some companies, reducing or merging makes the most sense.  So for OfficeMax and Office Depot, they will try to come together, save face, and still try to keep stores open, all while the WalMart's of the world take their market share from being and all in one, one stop shop.  Will the OfficeMax's, Office Depot's, Best Buys and others finally catch on to the WalMart model, or will the truc stubbornly along while they fall into the depths of Circuit City?

To read more about this long time rumor that might actually happen, please review this article by The Chicago Tribune.


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