The Myths of Becoming Sustainable

Perhaps your company is on the verge of becoming more sustainable as a business. But there are many considerations to take. Where do I start? How will it influence my business? How much will it cost in comparison to simply doing business like we have from the beginning. Becoming more sustainable is a very popular decision as of late, but isn’t always easy.

Vijay Kanal, author of The Eight Biggest Myths About Sustainability in Business, discusses some of the major fears we face about becoming more sustainable, and why they are only myths.  Kanal’s list includes: 1) It’s a cost and we can’t afford it, 2) It requires lots of staff, 3) There’s no money to be made from sustainability, 4) It’s just for big companies, 5) It’s mostly for B2C companies, 6) If we make claims of sustainability, we’ll be accused of greenwashing, 7) NGOs are our adversary, and 8) We don’t have to worry about the supply chain  because we don’t make anything. Kanal takes each of these fears, which he refers to as ‘myths,’ and talks about how easy they can be to overcome. This article is a must read for those wishing to become more sustainable.


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