What Makes an M&A Deal Work?

For many reasons, companies merge with other companies to create a larger industry, connect their companies or perhaps even eliminate competition. This process is called mergers and acquisitions, often referred to as M&A. Buying, or merging, with another company has many advantages. These advantages include an extended customer base to increase sales opportunity, superior product, service, technology, and brand to better serve customers, an expanded geographic footprint that provides greater access with which goods and services can be sold, added distribution and marketing channels and more effect sales, research development and new product development functions. An article titled  What Makes An M&A Deal Work discusses the principles and the fundamentals behind making such a huge decision work well. Despite the advantages of merging, there are many risks and potential hazards. In order to  explain how these deals work, the author dives into specific examples, such as Ebay buying Paypal, or New Corp buying Myspace, and talks about how and why they were successful. Read here to more fully understand the reasoning behind M&A, and how it all works out.  


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