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Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy involves making a statement about who you are, what your product or service offers, and what problems you can solve.  Marketing entails communication to your targeted market exactly what it si that makes your company stand out.  A good marketing strategy displays advantages customers would have by using your product or service, as well as clearly defining the benefits of choosing to do business with you.  It also determines which customers are demanding your product or service.

A good marketing strategy helps you attract the right costumers. Among the most important aspects of marketing strategy are product positioning, pricing, and promotion. Other important aspects include:


It is important to define what your company stands for and the types of products and/or services that your customers can expect from your company. This will be the first and major step in the branding process.


A marketing strategy will help you focus. It will identify the different ways you can talk to your customers, and concentrate on the ones that will create most sales.

Media Tools

Marketing Communications, Advertising, Promotions, Public Relations and a Communications plan all encompass the tools you will use in your strategy.

Print Advertising

With social media making such waves today, print has begun to disappear, but only in certain areas and only with certain age groups.  Using print to advertise and turning those advertisements into social media ads bring you into the 21st century.


No one can ever underestimate a face-to-face interaction.  Knowing the best places and events to participate brings good use of marketing dollars and enhances the potential clients and customer relationship.